Justa Jeskova – Travel Essentials

Travelling light with the right Stuff

Over years of traveling I’ve discovered that I am very picky with any gear that I pack along with me (and food for that matter!). Everybody who travels a lot quickly discovers those products that they can’t live without. These next five products make up my ‘Travel Essentials’:

Tarmac EPO Duffel Bags

This duffel bag is perfect for a road trip at home or air travel to a foreign country when you have a lot of gear with you. As we are on a tight budget most of the time we combine our stuff into one 100 litre duffel bag to save some money on luggage fees. What we love the most about this bag is its durability and high water resistance. We usually leave it outside of our backcountry tent overnight or in the back of the pick-up truck without worrying about rain overnight.  


Clothes Box

I never thought I would use these so much. The clothes box is one of those items you don’t realise you need until you get one, and from then on it’s always with you on your travels. Depending on the length of our trip I would bring 1-3 of them. Each clothes box is for something else, and it doesn’t need to be just clothes – bike equipment, electronics, casual wear, underwear + socks. I wrap one of them in towel in the evening and they pass as comfy pillow while camping.


Arcteryx – Cerium LT Hoody Women’s

There is always one person on your trip who is constantly cold. That would be me. Living on the West Coast means cool nights even in summer. I can’t imagine leaving home without this down jacket. It packs into a small pocket, and it is super light and packable. Once the sun is down and you are up in the mountains you will thank yourself for bringing it. Stuff it into clothes box and wrap with towel and you have a soft pillow to rest on.


Circo Handlebar Duffle

If you are a biker than this is a must. Bike-packing is gaining on popularity and in the last couple of years Steve and I have started discovering the joys of lightweight, long distance, backcountry adventures on our bikes too. The biggest challenge was how to pack for overnight travel without carrying too much weight on our backs. This handlebar duffle solves the problem – it usually fits my sleeping mattress, snacks for the day and down jacket for a night.


Rotation180° Panorama 22L

As a photographer I couldn’t be happier with this bag. Every time I bring it out people are

intrigued by it. It has a belt pack that you can rotate and access your camera gear without taking a backpack off. There has been more than a few times I missed a photo opportunity simply because I was too lazy to take the backpack off, pull out the camera, take a picture, pack everything and finally move on. Now I can do that without stopping. You don’t have to use it just for camera gear but snacks, phone, binoculars or anything else you would use on your trip. I am already eyeing a bigger one for backcountry multi-day adventures.

rotation180° Panorama 22L