Based in Squamish, B.C., Canada since 1994

On Sight has designed and built technical sewn products for many private and government organizations. In 2003 we introduced our first line of sustainable travel and storage products, to fill a recognized need for high quality, well-designed travel products. Due to our technical sewing expertise, innovative designs, attention to quality control and extensive knowledge of PET fabrics and fittings, these products sell exceptionally well. Almost 100% of the materials used in our Travel Organizer series are produced from recycled plastic water bottles, or Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET). This includes fabric, mesh, buckles, webbing and zippers. Our Tarmac duffle pack series is also produced from non-toxic tarpaulin material, and we are introducing in 2011 the Sightline backpack series, made from recycled PET.

Production: All manufacturing takes place in Vietnam, in factories that are socially and environmentally inspected both frequently and first-hand by On Sight. Vietnam was chosen because it has stringent social regulatory practices in place. In Vietnam, child labour is strictly prohibited, the government encourages long-term business relationships and working conditions in factories are frequently audited. Working hours, pay scales, overtime, breaks, and all other social and ethical practices are non-negotiable in our factories. Vietnam is often heralded as an example of sustainable globalization. Over the past ten years, the number of Vietnamese living in poverty has been reduced from 50% to 10%, thanks in part to their careful regulation of the manufacturing industry.

At On Sight, we firmly believe that when there is a partnership in place between an ethical government and an ethical manufacturer, the benefits of production far outweigh the detriments. We also guarantee that all production is done in our facilities and, and absolutely no outsourcing to subcontractors is allowed, a common problem when production demands are high. Partners To sell, distribute or use On Sight products for promotion, a partner needs to meet our standards for corporate ethics. We do not sell to every company that wants to buy our products. Our belief is that when we develop a business relationship, the end goal must be to benefit equally our workers, our partner’s organization, and On Sight, while minimizing our collective impacts on the environment. We are interested in long-term business relationships with companies and groups that share the same interests. Examples of customers we have worked with in the past include The Canadian Red Cross and Mountain Equipment Co-op. Textile and product information sessions can also be arranged for all our partners. Educating your company or group and raising the level of knowledge and awareness of your employees and your customers about sustainable textile production is critically important to us.