Instructions for use:  Traveller’s Mosquito Shelter

Unroll on floor, with frame slots in the center, facing up. Spread out bamboo frame until open in a circle, with eyebolt on top. Holding frame from eyebolt, insert individual “blades” into slots. Stretch mesh to fit in last few blades. Tighten frame by holding wing nut and rotating eyebolt. Hang from cord that is passed over ceiling hook and threaded through eyebolt. Adjust height by using cordlock.


Instructions for use:  Hiker's Mosquito Shelter:

The fiberglass pole inserts into pockets at the ends of the top strap. Pass cord through grommet hole and over the ceiling hook (provided). Pass both cords through cord adjuster. Adjust the height of the shelter by squeezing cord lock and moving on the cord. Alternatively, hang adjuster cord from a tree branch, or a second suspended line that is hung between two trees. When spread tightly over a flat area the border strip should be flat on the ground. Place all belongings in the shelter, and use them for holding down the strip.