PET Recycled materials

Material made in this process uses only 25% of the energy required to make new nylon or polyester, and produces 75% less CO2 emissions. When produced in an quality factory, recycled PET has exactly the same characteristics as polyester fabric produced from virgin chemicals. Currently this recycled material is harder to source then regular fabrics, and 30% more expensive. Additionally, coatings used in our products are water based instead of solvent based, further reducing their environmental impact.

Note that the sustainability benefits of recycling plastic are substantially reduced if the energy used for the process is created by burning fossil fuels. On Sight audits production facilities, and our first question always is, where did the energy that you use come from?

In our 100% recycled products, the fabric, mesh stretch mesh webbing, binding tape, zippers, and buckles are made from PET material. In our 60% recycled products, the main materials, and most of the fittings are PET. Some materials are not recycled, because of no other option. This includes reflective coatings and pack foam (must be registered new material by Canadian regulations ). Zipper pulls may or may not be made from recycled source materials